Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quilt Cruise 2010

Southern Caribbean Quilt Cruise 2010
Group Seminars at Sea
If you have not yet taken a "quilting cruise" run not walk to the first one you find! Cruising with a group of Quilter's is the ultimate fun. The picture above is from the cruise I just finished teaching, and it was amazing. We had fun every single minute. During the 3 days "at sea" we taught our classes starting off with a healthy breakfast (in bed) then we quilted for a while...then we had a healthy lunch (I ate nothing healthy)....then we had a hefty 5 course dinner, healthy of course...grin. To keep up our strength during classes the staff made sure we had plenty of danish, cookies and cakes. Heaven forbid we should go hungry for 10 minutes.
The most exciting excursion was "swimming with sea turtles"! They are huge but so gentle. Hopefully some of the pictures are clear enough for me to post. After swimming with the turtles we were introduced to "The Great Big Brawler and Banana"!!
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